One Company: Strengthening Operations in its Core Markets 

We operate manufacturing facilities in our core markets, and have sales representation and distribution worldwide. In every market sector, with a vast portfolio of wire and cable products, our company is strongly positioned to help our customers achieve their objectives. Today, we are One Company Connecting the World.


Americas Region

General Cable is one of the largest wire and cable companies in North America, with a 170-year history of industry leadership. We serve customers in every major market channel, including energy, construction, industrial, specialty and communications. We have grown in North America through acquisitions, most recently with Alcan Cable, which significantly expanded our aluminum-based manufacturing and product offerings; and Prestolite Wire, which effectively doubled our transportation wire and assemblies business.

Latin America is a dynamic mix of established and emerging markets, with each representing its own unique opportunities for growth. We are a leader in this market with a presence in nearly every country.

Our acquisition of Colombia-based Procables enhanced our presence in the Andean region, where ongoing investments in housing and electrical infrastructure as well as natural resource extraction are driving growth in demand for wire and cable. In Brazil, we further globalized our ignition harness business with the acquisition of automotive cable leader, Délphia, creating General Cable Automotiva Brasil. We have also strengthened our presence in Brazil by expanding manufacturing capabilities, better positioning us to capture opportunities in specialty, industrial and communications cables.


Europe Region

In Europe, we have one of the richest product offerings in the industry, a history of innovation, and enjoy long-standing relationships with customers in our end markets. We are well positioned to grow sales and market share across our entire portfolio of products, including energy, construction, industrial, specialty and communications. We are encouraged by the progress and enhanced capabilities of our turnkey systems businesses, which include submarine energy and underground extra-high-voltage-power.


Asia Pacific & Africa Regions

In September 2014, General Cable announced its plans to simplify its global portfolio and reduce operational complexity by exiting its Asia Pacific and Africa manufacturing operations. This decision enables us to focus on our core strategic operations in North America, Latin America and Europe. General Cable will continue to serve its global customers as it always has, with sales representation and distribution worldwide as it proceeds with its divesture plan for these non-core manufacturing assets.